5 Surprising benefits of rye bread

Bored of brown bread? Try rye – it’s a cereal grain similar to wheat with a sharper taste and denser texture, and health credentials to make your wholegrain loaf weep. Some of the most impressive health benefits of rye include its ability to help with weight loss efforts, increase the efficiency of your digestive system, help prevent gallstones, lower your risk of diabetes, lower your blood pressure, generally protect your cardiovascular health, prevent various types of cancer, and even lower the chances of developing childhood asthma. Here’s 5 reasons how rye can supercharge your diet.

1. Less carbohydrates
Unlike most types of bread, rye bread contains much less carbohydrates. Your body converts carbohydrates into sugars. You need these sugars as an energy source, but too much sugar is never good.

2. Fibers
Rye bread contains a lot of dietary fiber. For example, in 100 grams of whole-grain bread, 6.6 grams of fibers are present. In rye bread, there are no more than 8.3 grams of fiber per 100 grams. Our body needs enough fibers for good bowel and digestion. In addition, fibers provide faster metabolism and a more saturated feeling.

3. Glycemic index
Because rye bread contains relatively few carbohydrates but a lot of fiber it has a lower glycemic (GI) index than other bread. The lower the GI of a food product, the less rapidly your blood sugar levels increase. The lower the better.

4. Vitamin B6 and E
Vitamin B6 is important for your resistance and good digestion. Especially elderly people have a shortage of this vitamin. Rye bread contains two times as much vitamin B6 as plain whole wheat bread and can therefore be especially good for older people. In addition, it plays an important role in the production of red blood cells.

5. Iron potassium
In addition to these vitamins, rye bread is also rich in iron potassium. Certainly when you compare this with just whole wheat bread. Iron and potassium are important for your energy level, resistance and blood pressure.

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