8 Benefits Of Having Lemon Water In The Morning

Lemon water morning drink

What is the best drink to consume at the start of the day as part of a morning ritual? A lemon water drink has to be one of the best because it is a natural ingredient with a host of benefits and it’s simple to create.

Simply squeeze either a whole lemon or half to extract its juice. Pour water in, mix and drink it down. No need for a juicer and a complicated plan. Lemons boost the immune system, reduce anxiety levels, detoxify the body, add potassium (just like bananas), is loaded with antioxidants, and manages hunger levels too. Start today.

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Getting a great start in the morning is essential if you’re going to have a productive, meaningful day. This doesn’t just happen by itself; it requires a little bit of planning to run on autopilot when you’ve first woken up and aren’t fully “with it” yet to make the right decision. Therefore, any morning routine must have simple to follow steps to avoid skipping it one morning, then the next morning, and pretty soon, the habit of not completing the morning routine becomes the norm.

A refreshing glass of lemon water delivers the zest that one needs to wake up fully and feel ready to face the world once again. There are several benefits to this drink which we’ll cover shortly.

Preparing the lemon drink is simplicity itself. Be sure that you won’t skip it when still feeling half awake. Squeeze half a lemon into a glass of pure, still water. Slice part of the lemon off and either decorate the glass or drop it to the bottom to add some pithy lemon bits to the drink. Ideally, the water is lukewarm rather than cold.

Here are 8 benefits to consuming a lemon drink in the morning:

Stokes Up the Body’s Own Immune System

The dose of Vitamin C in the lemon is an instant boost to the immune system, warding away germs and bacteria. During stressful times, the amount of Vitamin C diminishes, leaving the body vulnerable to disease. Avoid this eventuality by stoking the body with this essential vitamin every morning.

Detoxify the Healthy Way

Lemon is a detoxifying element that cleans the toxins from the body and improves the digestion. Help the body stay in tip top shape by giving it what it craves.

Load up on Potassium

Just like bananas, lemon is heavily loaded with potassium. The reason we focus on potassium is that it is helpful for the brain and also the heart.

Anti-Aging Action

Lemon juice contains plenty of antioxidants that helps avoid spots building up on the surface of the skin and resists wrinkles forming too.

Natural Breath Freshener

For anyone with a toothache, lemon cuts through the pain because of its acidic nature. The acid is actually harmful to the enamel coating over our teeth, so one should drink a glass of water shortly after consuming a lemon drink to avoid any unwanted after effects.

Manage Weight More Effectively

Lemons have pectin which is a hunger regulator for the body. By consuming a lemon drink, the brain is signaled that any hunger is less urgent.

Energy Booster

Rather than drinking an energy drink packed with sugars and a host of poorly understand additives, drinking a natural lemon drink delivers energy while reducing anxiety and wards off depressive episodes.

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