The Eyes Are The Windows To Your Perfect Hair Color!

The Eyes Are The Windows To Your Perfect Hair Color

The hair colors that are appropriate for your skin tone are not determined by analyzing your skin. They are determined by the color of the flecks or lack of flecks in the iris of your eyes. The same molanocyte pigments that make up the coloring of your eyes are ever present in your skin tone. The goal is to compliment the flecks of color. Gold fleck= Gold tones, copper flecks= reds, auburn and coppers, etc.

If you have clear blue, Grey or green eyes that are absent of a lot of flecks then you can wear just about any hair color. For example, Annie Lennox, the singer for the group eurythmics, has worn just about every wig color imaginable in her music videos and looks great in all of them. She has extremely clear blue eyes. You best bet is to take a friend with you to a wig shop in town and try on several colors of wigs in good lighting – this will give you some incredible perspective on what works and what does not. Kind of a try before you buy scenario!

To Enhance, preserve and extend the life your highlights or overall color you should use quality “color-enhancing” shampoos and conditioners. But which ones are right for your specific hair color needs? Well, ARTec® has taken out the guesswork for you and has developed a very “easy-to-use” chart that allows you to make the perfect choices to prevent brassiness in blondes or stop adage in reds.

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