Top 5 Beauty DIY Recipes

TOP 5 Beauty DIY Recipes

Don’t Buy More Beauty Products Before You Read This

Many women would do anything to be and to stay beautiful and they don’t mind spending hundreds of dollars on beauty products. But did you know that there are so many DIY beauty recipes that you can prepare at home from ingredients you can find in your kitchen?

Before you rush to the store to buy more beauty products, see what you already have at home, you may save yourself the trip and some money.

These homemade beauty products work just as great as anything you can buy from the stores. Let’s take a look at the best 5 recipes that you can easily prepare yourself at home.

1. Olive oil and brown sugar for your skin

Take some olive oil and mix it with twice as much brown sugar to make a nice paste. Use it before showering to remove dead skin cells and make your body glow. Massage the paste into your skin gently and rinse off. Olive oil is also used to hydrate dry skin, especially on your feet, knees, and elbows.

2. Banana and honey face mask

Take a banana and mash it. Add a couple of tablespoons of honey and mix it well. Apply the banana mixture on your face and neck to cover it completely. Keep it on for 15 minutes and rinse off. This is a great mask for dry skin, making it smoother and softer, moisturizing it perfectly.

3. Cucumber and potato face mask

Take a small cucumber and a medium sized potato. Grate them both and mix together. Close your eyes and apply it over and under your eyes. After 15 minutes rinse it off with warm water. This is a great home remedy for puffy eyes or dark circles, it takes the problem away instantly. You can also use cucumber or potato separately, but mixing them together will give twice as good results.

4. Coffee hair mask

Coffee is good for many tings, it will make your hair beautiful, help you lose weight and stimulates muscle growth. To get pretty and shiny hair, prepare a large cup of strong coffee. Cool it down and pour it over dry hair. Leave it in your hair for 20 minutes and then wash off. Your hair will now look softer and have a special shine to it. Research has shown that caffeine can even stimulate hair roots, this means washing your hair with a strong coffee can help to grow thicker hair and possibly treat hair loss.

5. Grape face scrub

You can make the best facial scrub using grapes. Take a cup full of grapes and mash them. Strain them and remove the skins. Mash the juice and pulp together adding some almond flour. Massage it on your face and rinse, all the dead skin cells will vanish and your face will look brighter and younger.

There are many more DIY home recipes for different beauty procedures. Whenever your eyes are tired or your skin is burnt, you can use cucumber on your face. For dry skin, simple olive oil will do wonders. If you want a homemade tanning oil, mix together some cooking oil and add carrot juice. This will help you get a nice tan with less time spent sunbathing. Aloe Vera will make your hair thick and helps with oily skin.

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