Celebrity Hair’s To DO

Semi-sophisticated and playful “Upsweeps” for every occasion – the prom, shopping, business, doing laundry – you name it. With the right hair accessories and makeup you can take these easy “Upsweeps” anywhere!

Sarah Michelle Gellar

To duplicate Sarah’s “upsweep” simply select an off-center part, then sweep all of your hair to the upper nape of the neck, begin twisting upward and secure with “hair-pins” up at the crown. Excess wafts of hair are simply fanned out over the back of the crown. In front, selected strands are pulled out to artistically frame the face and are textured and controlled using a designing creme.

Jennifer Love

To Achieve Ms. Love’s Upsweep, complete with the ultra-hip Handmade Butterfly Barrettes, simply start by blow-drying your towards your face (using a paddle brush) till it is dry in that direction – then blow-dry it all away from your face till it is dry in that direction , then blow dry it out and down from where you part your hair with a large round brush until it is straight and dry in that direction.

Just remember – forward, back and then out and down! This should assist in maintaining all-day root-volume. Next, starting in the back and working toward the front, divide the hair in clean sections . Bring each section to the top of the crown, twisting from the base upward and securing with hair pins or colorful suede encased barrettes. Then allow all of the hair above the barrettes to cascade freely down. Upfront clip in a fluttery or glittery barrette.

Hair-Pin How-to

Catherine Zeta

Many folks are confused as to what pins to use when they perform an “upsweep”:

The Hair-pins can be obtained at any drugstore in the Hair and Beauty accessory area. Prior to installing them in your hair, cross the two prongs over one another creating an “X” with one end close – then push them into the hair and give them a twist to lock and secure them in your hair.

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