DIY Paper heart chandelier for Valentine’s day

Paper heart chandelier for Valentine's day

So this was totally a spontaneous DIY for Valentine’s Day. My friend, Brittany and I were having a wine and craft night.

Those are the best nights if you ask me. We were in the midst of making tons of pom poms for another project and it occurred to me that I’ve become a tad obsessed with garlands. I just love them! But I need a little variety.

So while I was going to make a paper heart garland, I decided it would be more fun to have something cascading…a chandelier if you will. I just happened to have gotten an embroidery hoop at the craft store… and both yarn and card stock were in front of us. It was meant to be.

It took some time but the end result is super adorable and not to mention cheap. You can also use this project for Mother’s day! Here’s how we did it…


Embroidery hoop (mine was 5 inches, but it could be any size)
Red yarn
Red and white paper (or cardstock)
Tape or glue

Here is the step by step video guide on how to make DIY Paper heart chandelier for Valentine’s day:

[brid video=”378824″ player=”16208″ title=”DIY paper heart garland”]

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