Easy Placemat Handbag Craft

I was responsible for Super Saturday this year, (Super Saturday is a church craft day) and here is one of the projects I made. It is a Scripture/Handbag made from a Placemat.

EASY Placemat Handbag Craft

This placemat was one that I found on Clearance at Walmart for $1, and the spool of ribbon was $3.97.

First, open your placemat flat, and mark a line 2 3/4″ from each long edge. This is where you will place your ribbon.

Next. Pin your ribbon along the marked edge, when you get to the ends, measure a 13″ length for the handle, and pin from there over to the other side and continue around to make one long loop of ribbon.

Make sure to tuck your ribbon end under to finish it.
Here is the ribbon all pinned in place and ready to sew.

Sew along both sides of the ribbon, close to the edges where the ribbon is attached to the placemat.

Next, fold the placemat in half with the handles together and right sides facing in. Pin along the sides.

Sew about presser-foot width from the edge. Make sure to backstitch plenty to secure the top seam of the bag.

Next, Pin the bottom corners of the bag like so, with the right sides still facing in.
Mark a line 1 1/2″ from the corner. Then stitch along this line. Turn the bag right side out.

Using a 25″ length of ribbon left on the spool, tie a nice bow, make sure to finish the cut edges of the ribbon with fray check or by heating carefully with a match.

Here are some great instructions on tying a perfect bow. Click on the picture below.

I added a felt flower and layered 2 buttons on the center to embellish the bow. Sew the bow in place on the bottom of one handle.

The finished product. It really was so easy to make and cost $5 for the placemat and ribbon. I just used a felt scrap for the flower and buttons I had laying around.


Do you like it? Share your thoughts and check out other crafts I made.

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