Find out here how long you need to sleep!

Sleep is really important. When you sleep your body gets a chance to recover and to get the rest it needs. If we wouldn’t sleep at all and always be awake, our brain wouldn’t be able to function. Therefore, nap away! It really is important. But how long do we actually need to sleep for?

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We need sleep to be able to do all cognitive tasks such as speak, think and remember. Sleep is a very important part of how are brain works. If we wouldn’t sleep, that would mean the part of our brain that is in charge of language, memory and awareness would be shut off. That is why it’s really important to sleep well and long. The duration of how long we need to sleep depends on your age.


  • 1 – 4 weeks: 15 – 17 hour sleep per day
  • 1 – 4 months: 14 – 15 hour sleep per day
  • 4 – 12 months: 14 – 15 hour sleep per day


  • 1 – 3 years: 12 – 14 hour sleep per day
  • 3 – 6 years: 10 – 12 hour sleep per day



  • 6 – 12 years: 10 – 11 hour sleep per day


  • 12 – 18 years: 8 – 10 hour sleep per day


  • 18 years and older: 7 – 8 hours sleep per day

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