Get Rid of Wrinkles and Skin Blemishes With This Ancient Home-Made Asian Facial Mask

asian facial mask

Many ancient secrets are held in the East which have never been revealed to Westerners. These include treatments for skin blemishes, and unwanted wrinkles showing the skin’s first sign of aging. Once hidden from the rest of the world, we have obtained the recipe for an easy to create a facial mask that is simple to prepare and apply without needing an expensive beauty cream. Affordable, basic ingredients are used to produce the mask which is easy to source. Improve how radiant your skin looks today with the mystique of Asian beauty secrets.

For women of any age, we want to have skin that’s clear of blemishes and easy to manage. This isn’t so easy, but Asian women appear to have it best with their particular care of their skin, like hiding under hats on hot days and covering their arms when riding a motorcycle to avoid getting a tan. The whiter the skin, the happier they are because this is considered the epitome of beauty in the Asian continent.

Natural skin remedies abound in parts of China with a rich history that goes back centuries. The exact recipes have been passed down from generation to generation with mothers giving the information to their daughters. A friend of the family from America learned about this facial treatment during a recent trip to China and was kind enough to share it with us.

The remedy is a facial mask that helps reduce the signs of aging and keep them at bay. It delivers an improved glow that makes the skin’s surface look alive and vibrant. As with any cream, it is a good idea to test a small amount on the hand first to wait for any adverse skin reaction before later applying it to the whole face. We recommend giving the test a few hours or an overnight treatment and seeing how the skin looks in the morning before going ahead. Everyone’s skin reacts differently.

The exact ingredients are listed below:

  • Honey (a tablespoon)
  • Still water
  • Two aspirins

Here is how to prepare the facial mask:

Press down on the aspirin tablets to break them up into powder. Add the water to the powdery mixture. Using a glass, pour a portion of honey into the glass. When evenly mixed together, the result should be a cream-like consistency.

Now, to prepare the face, it’s important to remove all makeup. Then, clean the face thoroughly to ensure there are no other remnants that will interfere with the mask’s ingredients. Rub the mixture onto the face making circles with the fingers as you do so. Leave the mask in place for 10-15 minutes, then use warm water to remove it. It is a good idea to produce enough mixture to re-apply at least two times for best results.

The mask makes a good alternative to expensive creams designed to offer better skin. Clearer skin which has a natural glow to it that’s possible without the use of factory-made products. Try this mask and see for yourself.

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