How Often Can You Dye Your Hair?


Hair dyeing is no longer a mere functional usage. In fact, today it has become a style statement. There was a time when the main motive of hair dyeing was to cover grey strands but today it is an in-thing for men and women who want a total makeover. The best thing about hair dyeing is the ease and simplicity of the process but the most important question is how often can you dye your hair? Whether you use hair color for grey coverage or streaking, this is the key question. It is so because hair color is a chemical product, which is bound to have some effect on your hair in the long run. In addition, the cost factor is likely to cross your mind, whether you are going for hair dye job at home or salon, the second one being an expensive fare. Therefore, being concerned about the frequency of hair color is very natural as it has a bearing on the natural texture and quality of your hair and on your pocket.

Why Color Your Hair?

Hair coloring is an exciting prospect, particularly if you are going for it for the first time. In case you have gone for the application for the purpose of grey coverage, it will help you retain your youthful looks. On the other hand, for those who have applied hair color for purely aesthetic results, everything goes well if you get the results you have expected. However, if things do not turn out the way you wanted them to, it can leave you annoyed and even, shattered. You may be frustrated enough to want to have it re done as soon as possible, which is the primary cause of wanting a repeat hair color service. You may also want a quick re-dye job in case your white hair start surfacing again a few days after the first hair dye application. Another reason why hair color job is done again is that you wear a color tone very different from your natural hair color. As soon as re growth of hair starts, it manifests itself in a funny rainbow like effect, with a part of hair appearing in natural shade and the remaining ones visible in the colored shade. This really depends upon the speed of hair growth, which varies from person to person. In some cases, the rapid hair growth may cause it to happen just a few weeks after the first hair color job and you may feel like having it refreshed this early. Nevertheless, the question here is same again – How often should you color your hair? Will it have a negative impact on your hair in the long run? Whether you are dyeing your hair at home or getting it done from a professional, these questions need careful consideration so that you can preserve your crowning glory over a period.

How Long To Wait Before Dyeing Your Hair Again?
Now it is time to move over to the big question, which is how often can you color your hair? The feasible suggestion you are likely to get from professional is to wait for at least four weeks between two successive applications of hair color. On the other hand, those who are more concerned about hair damage should actually stretch this period up to six or seven weeks. On an average, five weeks can be considered as the safe period between the first and second hair color application. The answer to this question actually varies from person to person, depending upon hair texture and quality.

Since the question is about how often can you dye your hair, we are here are to give you few tips to help you decide better.

  1. The first and foremost thing to consider is the condition of your hair. If your hair seems to be frizzy or damaged, it is better to wait and get it back into shape before going for second hair dye service again. The reason is that exposing your already damaged hair to strong chemical agent can actually worsen the condition of your hair and make it irreparably damaged. One of the most effective ways to fix damaged hair is deep conditioning. You can use a hair conditioner or natural home remedies such as steamed towel treatment, coconut/olive oil or curd for this purpose.
  2. If you really want a second hair dye application very soon, it is advisable to opt for darker shades rather than lighter ones. It is so because the exposure is to a lighter chemical and for a shorter time, in case of dark shades. Consequently, the chances of hair damage are lesser.
  3. When you dye your hair, read the instructions on the product label very carefully. The safe period between the first and subsequent application is generally mentioned on the product manual. You cannot get better advice in this regard than from the manufacturers of the product, as they know the best.
  4. In case you want to experiment with hair color by changing it repeatedly, it would be a wise decision to go for semi permanent hair dye. Such a product can be washed out and can be a hassle free option for young fashion lovers.
  5. In case you look for only a mild change in hair color like lifting the shade by a level or two, you need not wait very long between two applications. All you have to do is to go for a 10-volume or 20-volume color, which is mild on hair.
  6. If you are planning to change your hair color completely, it would be a good decision to wait until the last color completely grows out. As a result, you hair would be able to absorb the new color to perfection, giving excellent results. On the other hand, if you mix the new color with an existing one, there is a risk that your hair may end up with an odd tinge.
  7. For people with sensitive scalp, it is not advised to go for frequent hair dye applications as this may cause irritation or allergic reaction on the scalp area.
  8. The look of your hair can also determine how soon it needs a second sitting. Depending upon the speed of hair growth, some people may get the zebra stripes effect on hair sooner than others. In such cases, it is time to get a second hair dye session very soon.

Last and the most important tip is to make up your mind about re-dying your hair only after weighing the pros and cons carefully. Would you like to make your hair risked to damage to cover just an inch or two of different colored or grey hair? Or can you wait for a month or two between two applications and spare your hair.

How Often Should You Dye Your Hair?
Concisely, a time gap of four to six weeks between tow hair dye applications is regarded as safe. However, a great deal depends upon the condition of your hair. While strong and healthy hair can bear the brunt of chemical treatment more frequently, it is hard for weak and damaged hair to withstand the same. The key actually lies in knowing your hair well, all about its texture, strength and rate of re growth. These factors will definitely be of great help in enabling you to decide as to how often should you dye your hair. In case you feel that your hair is in good condition, you can go for hair dye sooner, while hair, which is damaged, needs to be repaired first before subjecting it to regular hair dye applications. Still, nothing can be said about the actual impact of hair dye on a particular hair dye and it becomes visible only after the actual application. However, it is better to be safe than sorry as your hair is a priceless asset, which needs to be valued and taken good care of.

Why Is It Advisable To Wait Between Two Hair Color Applications?

The primary reason behind placing a time gap between two hair dye applications is that hair coloring is a chemical procedure, which takes toll of your hair health. Exposure of hair to harsh chemical and heat treatment can make it damaged and brittle as they deprive the hair of its natural oils and moisture. It can also lead to other hair problems such as hair loss and appearance of split ends. With each application of hair dye, you rob the hair shaft of its outer layer and weaken it. This causes hair to lose its natural luster and strength. This is the reason why it is not advisable to go for regular hair dye applications. However, another consideration in this regard is your hair type. Those with strong and healthy hair can take things granted to some extent as their hair are less likely to be damaged by hair dye, but it does not make the hair immune from the damage caused by the chemicals. Therefore, it is still better to avoid hair coloring again before at least four weeks from the previous application.

Some Tips To Reduce Damage Caused By Hair Dyeing

Once you start dyeing your hair for grey coverage or otherwise, you have to go for regular hair dyeing at periodic intervals. Though you cannot protect your hair entirely from damage induced by hair dyeing, you can at least reduce it and keep your hair intact.

Here are tips to reduce damage caused by hair dyeing:

  1. The general rule to maintain your colored hair in a healthy state is to put a time interval of 4-6 weeks between hair dyeing sessions. In between, you need to go for a weekly deep conditioning treatment to maintain the moisture level in it. Also, you can keep hair smooth, shiny and hydrated by making use of a special shampoo for colored hair. This can also prolong the life of hair color besides keeping your hair in good condition.
  2. You also need to protect colored hair from direct sunlight, as it tends to fade out the color and dehydrate treated hair. It is good to cover your head with a hat or scarf when you go out, so that it is not exposed to the UV rays of the sun. There are also some hair care products available in the market, which provide protection from UV rays as well as moisturize your hair.
  3. Another way to minimize damage caused by hair dye is to take care of the frequency. For instance, those who apply hair for grey coverage can time the application in such a manner that a gap of at least 6 weeks is placed between two successive applications. In the meantime, you can do some root touch ups to take care of the white hair at the re growth points. The best thing about root touch up is that it can be done at home, without professional help. This can be a great money saver for you, besides helping you maintain your hair. Similarly, others can apply hair dye only at areas where it is needed, such as streaks and highlights. This will reduce the usage of chemical on hair and consequent damage to hair.
  4. Choose the color tone of hair dye very carefully as it determines the frequency of hair dyeing you would have to go through at later stages. The lighter the tone as compared to your natural hair color, the more often you have to make use of hair dyes and greater is the risk of hair damage. The best way out is to choose a darker tone, much close to the natural shade of your hair. Also, it makes the changes in hair color after re growth less noticeable and you can skip a repeat hair dye application for a few extra days.
  5. Leaving as much time as possible between two consecutive hair dye applications can keep your hair healthier. Along with special care, it can maintain the strength and shine of your hair in the long run.

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