Quickly turn your hair to a masterpiece like Alyssa’s by using this easy method


Finally, the simplistic elegance of a young woman who has come to know herself allowing her own unique style to shine through. Alyssa has become comfortable with herself and her presence, and her curl-enveloped bob reflects this maturity!

Celebrity transformations and How to do it

Quickly turn to a masterpiece like Alyssa’s by using this easy method:

First, Blow dry the hair as you wish, maybe after spiriting it with some volume spray. Then once the hair is dry, carve out wafts of hair that are about the size of the roller at the roots. Using the roller as a brush, smooth the under and outer portions of the waft of hair.

When brushing the hair, brush it in to a 45 degree angle in relationship to the head (90 degrees is straight out from the head so half lower than that). Then take some mousse or setting spray and apply it to the full length of the waft of hair. Then roll the rollers from the ends to the root in that same 45 degree angle. Now take a Blow drier set on high heat, blowing into the inside of the rollers from an open end so that it heats the hair from inside out.

Heating all of the rollers should only take a total of 2 minutes at the most, then let the hair cool down for 1 minute for the style to lock in. When releasing the rollers from the hair do not slide them out, instead roll them out exactly as you rolled them in, this is the trick to prevent tangling.

When placing the rollers in start from the top of the head and work down to the hairline from the part, when taking them out start at the hairline and work upward to the part. Once the rollers are removed, use your fingers to break up the curls, then use a hair pick or large vent brush to direct the hair as you desire. Once you like the look mist the hair with Shaper.

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