This Awesome Drink Can Help Burn Fat Naturally

This Awesome Drink Can Help Burn Fat Naturally

Every day when I wake up, I want to get my metabolism the jump-start it really needs to start humming away. Losing fat is an essential goal of mine, and I wanted a drink that signals this intention to my body too. The benefits of lemon water combined with a dash of spicy cayenne pepper is an ideal start.

Why do I recommend it?

The warmth of the soothing drink and the spicy kick that the pepper provides is ideal even for slightly sensitive digestive systems that need some TLC in the morning. Best of all, the drink is a good morning cleanse to purify the body of unwanted toxins too.

You may not realize it, but when you wake up, your body hasn’t taken a drop of water for up to 8 hours. If you sleep hot or it’s the middle of summer, you may have been sweating while you slept too and had even less water due to this reason alone. A morning cup of joe or herbal tea isn’t always the best idea for your body, especially first thing in the morning because they are both diuretics that don’t add water to the body overall.

When I switched up my morning routine to skip the tea or coffee and incorporate a warm lemon and pepper drink, I felt entirely different. Instead of just feeling worn out before I even got started, I could feel refreshed and perfectly hydrated, ready to begin my day.

I’ve been very pleased with the results experienced from taking this warm beverage every morning. It has only been a few pounds, but they’ve fallen off nicely. A few pounds to start, but by the third month, I was seeing real weight loss that has me quite excited. Never been so easy to drop pounds. I believe it’s the increase in my metabolic rate that’s helped. Sometimes I also drink metabolism boost smoothies throughout the day to burn more fat, and also because they are super healthy and so delicious.

Why Are These Ingredients Special?

Before we jump to the recipe and preparation, first let’s understand why this drink works.

The benefit of the drink includes improvement in the liver response; the central detoxifying organ in the body. When ensuring that both your digestion and liver are in optimal condition, this helps to avoid problems in the future, particularly relating to chronic diseases, like irritable bowel disease.

There are anti-fungal, detox and immune improving properties in both cayenne pepper and lemon juice that work together to deliver more than just a refreshing drink.

1. Benefits of Lemon Juice

There are a few little-known benefits to lemon juice. It is an excellent way to let toxins out of the body that has built up over time. These toxins when left unattended impede the metabolism by reducing its ability to burn fat efficiently. There is a sizable amount of Vitamin C which is an antioxidant, but it serves a cleansing function for the liver and processes fat more efficiently. With this happening, fat has little defense and is removed from the body faster.

Glutathione is also present in lemon juice which is a useful detoxifier. Any water that’s stayed in the body too long is helped on its way because lemon juice is a diuretic too. All these aspects contribute to boosting the immune system that strengthens the body’s defenses against germs.

2. Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper also has several advantages for the health of the human body too. The ingredient improves the metabolic rate which burns fat efficiently. This helps to cut weight faster. It keeps blood sugar at a sensible level rather than promoting damaging highs and lows. Better digestion is also promoted too. There are also possible side benefits to heart health, and in some people, chronic pain is also seen to be reduced.

3. Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is well known as a good way to reduce fat by flushing it out.

4. Benefits of H2O/Water

Staying hydrated is something that we all must do. Consuming a liter or more of water first thing in the morning and later in the day is critical to help flush out the body and avoid dehydration which impairs performance in all areas of life. Warm water has also been found to aid digestion.

What Ingredients Are Required?

• Apple cider vinegar (1 or two tablespoons)
• Zest of a single lemon or pre-prepared lemon juice
• A smidgen of either ground chili pepper or cayenne pepper (look in your spice rack)
• A long straw

How to Prepare This Fat-Reducing Drink

1. Strip the lemon peel and add 7 ounces of warm water. Leave it for 15 minutes.
2. Get ready to add pre-prepared lemon juice or use a juice squeezer to prepare some freshly made juice. Add a dash of the pepper to the top.
3. Use a straw to consume the drink and keep stirring it to avoid missing out on the added pepper.

Consume an extra glass of water to remove the acidic lemon from the palette. For best results, avoid eating any food for half an hour afterward.

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Fat burning drink
This Awesome Drink Can Help Burn Fat Naturally

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